Meet the Team

Gill has been in the travel business for 25 years, so basically she has been around the block (or a couple of countries) a few times.

Gill has a love and appreciation for luxury travel, and is by no means a camper, glamper or any kind of ‘amper’ for that matter. Gill immerses herself in the creative process of tailoring the perfect holiday for her clients; from the thoughtful touches that surprise guests to seamless once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Her approach to planning luxury journeys is built on her 25 years experience, and worldwide travel herself.

Her favourite trip was either Egypt or Botswana – it’s too hard to choose between the two. Egypt because of the pyramids, the minarets, the Nile River Cruise – simply the scope of Egypt is magnificent. Botswana mainly because of the animals! And also because of the vast choice of luxury accommodation, and the amazing people and culture.

Gill has also travelled through the Americas – Including the Canadian Rockies, Snow in Central Park and partying in Rio. She has visited Asia on numerous occasions from shopping in KL to cocktails on the beach in Phuket. She has frozen in Amsterdam, seen the sights of Paris and visited both nessy (Scotland) and Big Ben (London). Climbed (via elevator) the tallest building in the world, ridden a camel in the desert and swam in the ocean off the South China Sea!

Gill travelled on cruises through rivers and oceans. Experienced one the largest ships in the world (Quantum of the Seas) and experienced the luxury and ease of river cruising with Uniworld. And most recently she has spent an amazing fortnight in Vegas and NYC, doing what both the tourists and locals do...

Gill has a world of knowledge, and would love to assist you with your next luxurious getaway!


Travel became Jenny’s obsession after a 4 year stint on a working holiday in London. She went over on her first international flight with a one way ticket, and returned having visited over 30 countries, and just wanted more... Jenny slept in Tree houses in Turkey, rode camels in the Sahara Dessert, climbed mountains in Malawi and rowed canoes through the jungles of Borneo. Adventure Travel is definitely Jenny's style.

Her favourite country is Morocco and her favourite City Prague. Jenny has travelled as a backpacker, a bride and a Mum. She can relate to a desire for 5-star luxury as well as the shoe-string budget explorer. She has the benefit of experience and the skill of efficiency. And Jenny’s just a damn good travel agent.


Karen has always been passionate about travel and started travelling overseas when she was 18. Her dream of working in travel became a reality after she had taken many overseas trips as a single traveller, as a couple and then as a family.

Karen has travelled to Asia, South Pacific, New Zealand, Europe and of course much of Australia having covered over 26 countries. Among her favourite destinations is the UK including Scotland and Germany, even though all of Europe is at the top of her list. Karen loves the history and culture of Europe and really enjoys putting together any travel itineraries that include her favourite countries.

Cruising is also at the top of Karen's list. She has cruised on board many different ships around the world.

Karen is always looking for new adventures and places to visit and tries to do one big trip every year bringing back her experiences and knowledge to pass on to her clients.


Kay lives and breathes travel, having been in the travel industry for over 40 years she has a vast wealth of knowledge to share with all travellers.

Being raised and born in Toowoomba Kay headed out to the Sunshine Coast in 1980’s. In her downtime Kay enjoys nothing more than getting her green fingers dirty in her tropical garden at home with a nice cold beverage. If not working she enjoys spending time with her family. Most recently Kay went over to Vancouver Canada to see her Granddaughter and Son whom live over there. She combined doing an amazing tour of the Rockies in Canada. Some of Kay’s highlights are seeing the stunning lakes and magnificent mountain views and staying at the Fairmont Hotels.

Kay’s most enjoyable type of travel is luxury... yes Kay has a champagne taste and has worked hard over the years so she loves to enjoy the finer things life has to offer. Some highlights are cruising on some of the most luxurious cruise liners around the world to exploring the river water ways through in Europe, seeing the incredible landscapes and the diversity of each country while sitting back and relaxing.

Having visited over 30+ countries there is no place that she does not know about, and if she doesn’t know she prides herself in searching and updating herself with up most up to date details to perform her job to the fullest.

With having a vast knowledge with organising travel around the world you can be assured no stone is left untouched with using Kay as your personal Travel organiser. Kay prides herself in not missing a beat with making sure every clients holiday expectations are met whether you’re a first time traveller or an experienced traveller, Kay will offer unbeatable service without compromise.


Kelly travelled through Europe for 3 months after she left school and realised that coming back to an office admin job was boring. So she worked her way up from a courier lodging passports and visas to an International Consultant.

Kelly has been working in the travel industry since 1980 BC…before Computers. She specialises in all types of travel, from luxury to family to adventure travel! She loves to put together a tailor made itinerary from scratch.

Kelly has first-hand experience travelling the world, from being up close and personal with a lion and stalking Giraffes to get a better photo in Africa, watching sunrise at the Taj Mahal in India, climbing an active Volcano in Vanuatu, staying in quaint villages in England and Scotland, to skiing in Canada, eating authentic cuisine in Argentina, cruising through Alaska and the USA and of course enjoying everything her home country Australia has to offer.

In saying this, her most favoured countries to visit are most definitely New Zealand, Japan and Argentina!

Kelly has great attention to detail and vast knowledge of world-wide travel. You can’t get that from a brochure


Melinda’s passion for travel began when her children were small with the first family trip to Fiji’s Coral Coast when her two boys were just 6 months and 3 years old. The travel bug hit hard and family travel grew from there with the family having visited ten countries together before her children were teenagers.

Melinda’s love of animals and nature has seen her take her family on a six-week trip through South Africa, Zambia, Namibia and Botswana’s Okavango Delta enjoying tented camps and safari’s while seeking out the Big 5. This love of Africa was inspired by reading Wilbur Smith novels through her teenage years and dreaming of African sunsets over beautiful and rugged landscapes.

Melinda and her husband regularly enjoy dive and snorkeling trips travelling to some remote and unspoilt areas such as the Solomon Islands, New Britain Island in Papua New Guinea and Mabul located off the island of Borneo in Malaysia, just to name a few. Melinda has snorkeled with reef sharks, humpback whales and manta rays combining her love of the ocean, nature and travel.

Melinda also enjoys cultural and historical journeys, having just returned from seven- weeks travelling independently through Europe taking in major cities and tourist areas in Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium and London.

With a background in governance and executive support for 22 years Melinda joined the travel industry in early 2015 with an eagerness to transfer her love of travel to her clients, inspiring them to experience new and exciting destinations.


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